I founded OverGrown Lawn Care & Clean-Up LLC on June 1st, 2022. I wanted to start my own business for awhile, but never had an idea of what I would do. With lots of thought and time. I thought of how well I was with my hands & never quit trying, Some of my Family said I was "To Picky."

The business name took a while to come up with. I was thinking of names to use that were not taken, nor to clique. I started the company myself, and never thought it would grow. I went out and put sweat and hours into the business. I was striving to be successful, and I did everything myself, Building the website, getting the licenses, everything I need to do to make the business Legit & Legal. I am truly grateful to all the clients and help I have recieved over the years of being open and I will continue to make my Business bigger & better!

Now as of Oct, 10th 2022 I have a BEAUTIFUL daughter, as well as a wife who helps me with the business when she can. Below are some family photos, as well as some friends.

Thank you,

Shawn k, Owner

My wife & I got married on June 19th, 2022 this is my side of the family on the alter after the fact.

These are my best Friends

This is my daughter, future YouTube Film Crew, and Helper!

Last but not least my wonderful wife of 7 Years together as of 23'