Over Grown Lawn Care & Clean-Up LLC is proud to introduce Central Iowa Power Washing, As we grow as a business we now offer Power Washing. To See what is offered Scroll Down. To get into contact with us send us an email or give us a call either through our contact tab, or at the bottom off the screen!

Power Washing

Over the years we learned that great service begins, and ends with experienced, and friendly professionals.

Central Iowa Power Washing finishes each project on schedule, and with the highest level of quality.

 We focus on personalized services, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction.

 Central Iowa Power Washing, always strives to meet, and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Mike K. 

Central Iowa Power Washing, CEO


Central Iowa Power Washing is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to our service we provide. Decks are the most forgotten Piece of a home, but the most vital piece. Think about it, You spend nights hanging out with friends and family, Barbecuing and laughing. Decks are the homes entertainment spot.

Full Washing

The home is were the heart is, Everyone knows this. So is Algae and lichen, for those who don't know what those are.

Algae: is the number one cause of growth on siding. Humidity and excessive rain are ideal conditions for algae growth. Those conditions get even better if your home is on a shady lot and does not regularly get direct sunlight that can dry your home off.

lichen: is caused by algae and fungus reproducing with each other, forming lichen. Algae and fungus end up on your roof from wind debris, nearby trees that drop material on your roof, and any other kind of organic material that ends up on your roof.

Quick Washing

As a quick wash our team will be In and Out quickly. This only applies to homes or businesses that have had previous pressure washing done. Typically after set up and pre-soaking. You should see us finishing within 1 hour or so, depending on the project.


When it comes to commercial accounts that is our game changer. We strive to make our business big enough to tackle all of the commercial accounts in Iowa. As of right now we have One (1) Commercial account. Future growth is our hope to one day bring in more clients of this nature

Cold or Hot water pressure machines clean faster and better. If you're cleaning Sidewalks or concrete with grease or oils, hot water is a must. You wouldn't think of washing greasy plates in the kitchen sink with cold water. The same applies to power washing.

Sidewalks & Driveways

Sidewalks are just as important as the home, and driveway. We walk everyday on them, Some bike, Skateboard, as well as the accessibility of wheelchairs, and crutches. Grease, dirt, sand, pack itself onto the surface of the sidewalk giving algae a place to grow over time, and stains. Having a dirty sidewalk may have a build-up of mold or mildew, which can cause injuries from slipping and falling.



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